LCD: This Gambit

Hey, why not. We\’ve already got a PCP feature.

No folks, I\’m not talking about a type of computer monitor, although I am in fact that geeky. What LCD stands for today is Lowest Common Denominator. That\’s right – I\’m posting up videos.

This first one comes to us via Deadspin, and is probably slightly NSFW. That said, turn up the volume and enjoy:

Skiier Groin \”Injury\”.

The second one comes from my friend Jess, and is actually a fairly cool video of a beat-boxer.


Sorry for the light entry; I\’ve got a fantasy baseball draft to prepare for after all…







One response to “LCD: This Gambit”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    not sure what quote is my favorite:

    “wow, the boys sure took a beating on that one”

    “ohhhh.. the frenchman…”

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