don\’t call him fat, call him tubby


while i haven\’t followed gophers basketballl closely since the late \’90s, the prospect of a coach with smith\’s pedigree has me intrigued. a coach has to have quality players to succeed, and i don\’t get the impression that the gophs have a whole lot of those right now, but who knows if smith can turn things around faster than someone young and unproven– the kind of person i assumed would be hired to run the team.







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  1. alex Avatar

    That was quick. Orlando? I had no idea. Anyway, he’s obviously recruited well enough to win at UK and GA, now can he do the same thing here? On the plus side, it’s not like the highest he’d ever been before was Kansas *football*, unlike some other smug Gopher coaches I could think of. My immediate reaction was that they’d hired a decent coach for once. Literally. For once. We’ll see how it goes. (Note: Lou Holtz does not count in the ‘for once’ discussion.)

  2. wadE Avatar

    What… no love for Bill Musselman?

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