baby you can\’t drive your pickup

between my (typically) liberal mindset and my liberal arts education background, i am incredibly hesitant to stereotype anyone. i feel it\’s incredibly short-sighted to try to pigeonhole someone into expected behaviors based on race, religion, or creed. (i don\’t know what the hell \”creed\” means, it just seemed to flow there.) i work extremely hard on not pre-judging anyone based on their demographics; their thoughts and actions should drive how i view them, not any sort of insinuated norms accepted by a portion of our country and our culture.

that said: everyone who drives a pickup drives like an asshole.

now, i know, i\’m in trouble already. my father drives a pickup and is the most courteous, law-abiding, and peaceful drivers i know. but he\’s clearly the exception here. on my last four or five commutes to (and from) work, i\’ve made note of each of the jackass moves* that have occurred around me, and who has committed said moves. the tote board, ed:

jackass moves: 9
jackass moves done by pickups: 8

that\’s right, 89%. i think i\’m well within my rights to paint with a wide brush on this one, don\’t you?

* – \”jackass moves\” include (but are not limited to): lane-changing without signals, discourteous merging tactics– active and passive, using the HOV lane without passengers, passing like a blaze of light on the right-hand side, and tailgating.







3 responses to “baby you can\’t drive your pickup”

  1. wadE Avatar

    I’ve often thought about what is someone invented an in-console computer that you could track the license plate numbers of people and comments that you could review later.
    APX641 – cut me off and gave me the finger when I honked.
    DDY097 – I let him merge and he gave the friendly wave.
    When I was commuting downtown I tended to see the same people every day, but you forget who the a-holes are. It’d be cool to have a little reminder when you see them again.

  2. alex Avatar

    …because what we really need more of from our drivers on the road is… typing? 🙂

  3. wadE Avatar

    no no… voice activated of course, record your comments… geez, do I have to spell it all out for you! 🙂

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