The Jerk Store Called…

If you\’re looking for a new non-fiction book to read, without reading it myself, I would recommend: The No A—— Rule, by Robert I. Sutton.

Mr. Sutton is a professor at an engineering school, but after writing an article in the Harvard Business Review he\’s become a focal point for people to complain about \”jerks\” at work.

Some of the exmple touched on in the article are downright scary (yet funny). My favorite is the person who had a boss that would steal her candy. My least favorite is the report that 90% of nurses report being verbally and/or emotionally abused in the last year. Which really isn\’t surprising as doctors as well known \”jerks\”.

Additionally, there is a fun test to take that can be found here:

I scored a 6, which is partially due to a small a-hole streak in me, as well as the level of idiocy I deal with at work. In a better organization, I would probably score a 4.

But putting all of that aside, the one thing that really caught my eye was the following quote from the author: \”Passion is an overrated virtue in organizational life, and indifference is an underrated virtue.\”

How sadly true is that? How often does the know-nothing office idiot get rewarded at work, while you feel that you gave your blood, sweat, and tears and got a measely raise that didn\’t even cover the cost-of-living increase?

For example: Last year a co-worker (that a friend at work and I refer to as Cecil… long story) received a Hero Award. Cecil is the classic know-nothing idiot at work who happens to be close-minded and is a master of pushing action items on to other people. This person received a $1500 reward for her non-effort.

What a great lesson we learn. If you care too much, you\’ll only be hurt and disappointed… so stop caring!







3 responses to “The Jerk Store Called…”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    i’m not sure if it’s a question of caring less– more of having a different perspective. candidly, i’m surrounded by people at work who put way too high of a priority on work, relative to life outside of work. i want to go around to so many people and tell them to chill out– it’s just a job…

  2. alex Avatar

    The big problem I have with tests like the one wadE linked to is that they’re too focused on the corporate. So many of those questions just don’t apply to me or what I do… but in a general sense I can agree and apply, especially with what Wade said. Life’s too short to get caught up in petty office politics and power struggles, unless you’re curing cancer or something.

  3. blondebombchelle Avatar

    I’m a 4…. people like me although I could crush them like a grape.

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