Talkin\’ \’bout the weather

It\’s so Minnesotan, isn\’t it? Well hell, it is Monday after all.

Still, it was so nice to walk out to my car this morning and not shiver. It was nice to have dew on the windows instead of frost or ice. It was nice to have my windows intact. Heh. In any case, it would seem we\’re getting our annual dose of early spring this week. Highs will be well into the 50s for the next two days, and that plus a rain on Wednesday should put an end to all the snow that was a pain in our butts just two weeks ago.

And if that last sentence doesn\’t sum up Minnesota weather, I don\’t know what would. I\’m sure in another two weeks I\’ll be back to talking about the lousy Smarch weather. Today, however, I\’m going to sit back and enjoy the ride. I didn\’t even wear the winter coat to work. And if I can\’t get outside later, I\’ll at least have the windows open.







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