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Just a few quick jottings culled from the internet tubes today:

There are times when I hate my job. And then there are times when I realize that things could be a lot worse. For example, I could be the person tasked to deal with this. So you\’re saying CBS turned your son gay, ma\’am? [Takes long drink.]

There are times when I think I\’m a nerd. And then I realize that I\’m not this guy. Yikes. What\’s more frightening is that he thinks he can make a business out of doing this for other people. And what\’s even more frightening is that I\’d bet he\’s right.

Oh Fox News. One would think that because a person was convicted, that a crime had in fact been committed. But hey, what do I know?

Finally, meh. Good to see the word getting the recognition it deserves.







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  2. wadE Avatar

    Wow… those are some quality links there… all very different. I particularly like the guy who turned his apartment into something from Star Trek. Smart move to turn it into a business, I bet there are plenty of people who would pay to have a room turned into something from Star Trek.


  3. anderswa Avatar

    i’m not sure what’s worse… the notion that FAUX News still tries to spin itself as “fair and balanced.” or the faith-in-humanity-shaking complaints about prince. these people can’t be serious, right? my son was going to be a quarterback until he saw prince? and you’re going to check him for HIV???


  4. monkey Avatar

    re: Prince’s um, guitar, uh, what?

    But will the trek dude do the millenium falcon?

    Fox… .

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  6. Brian Scott Avatar

    Wade, Prince’s raw yet ambiguous sexuality is very confusing for people, especially 3 year olds. They don’t know what it is, but they are drawn to it. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if that Star Trek guy watched Elton John on TV when he was growing up.

    And, for the pre-sexual, contracting HIV through the television is frighteningly common. As a father yourself, you need to educate yourself on these things.

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