you got peanut butter in my chocolate!

while poring over copious data points in preparation for this year\’s fantasy baseball draft, i came across a couple names that i don\’t hear much anymore.

dustan mohr. bobby kielty. the former is now a backup outfielder for the tampa bay devil rays, his fifth team in five years. the latter, a backup outfielder for the oakland athletics. both have become fringe major leaguers. but in 2002, they were…

dusty kielmohr!!!

after the brief experiment with brian buchanan in right field failed, gardy decided to platoon mohr and kielty in right. and it worked– between the two, they hit .278, with 24 homeruns and 91 RBI, and stole ten bases. combined, these stats would qualify somebody for rookie-of-the-year; separate, not so much. the solution, according to dick bremer and bert blyleven? combine the two, and name the amalgamation dusty kielmohr. the ROY voters apparently didn\’t bite, giving toronto third-baseman eric hinske the award. kielty was later traded to the blue jays for shannon stewart, and mohr was sent to the giants for (in essence) a ham sandwich.

will the 2007 twins have an equivalent? jasosh kuberabe? alexard casilspan? wait and see…







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  1. alex Avatar

    You got chocolate in my peanut butter!
    Rondson Kubite? Kenthew HarvCroy? Aleff Cirillas? This is a fun game…

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