Free Running

A while back I was discussing the newest James Bond movie with wadE, and I commented that the opening sequence had some really cool action shots with a sort of kung-fu on wires look to it. As it turns out, there were no wires. Instead, the stunt man was doing something apparently called free running. Intrigued, I naturally turned to YouTube, where I found several clips. I will arbitrarily embed one below.

The camera work on this one is barf-inducing at times, but it\’s pretty cool overall. I think this is prime proof that we\’re descended from apes, personally. Though what I really wanna know is: where are the outtakes? I\’m sure there were some good clips of this guy groining himself, and I think America needs to see it. Right? Anyhows, enjoy:







2 responses to “Free Running”

  1. Brian Scott Avatar

    There is a pretty good French movie called ‘District B13’ that highlighted this kind of action. I’d recommend it.

  2. alex Avatar

    ^ It’s in my Netflix queue. Of course, so are 77 other things…

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