only 195 days until training camp

my hatred of ESPN has been previously documented. today, however, they\’ve hit a new low.

see the image after the jump for the reason.


that\’s the headline deck from from this morning. what do we see?

  • one NASCAR item which, i suppose, i understand. it doesn\’t appeal to me, but, then, i like to think i have full brain capacity.
  • one NBA item, which is actually more of a police blotter item. although you could argue that they\’re synonymous.
  • three baseball items. one insider, two yankees-related (of course), one of which is more appropriate for the Us Weekly website.
  • seven football items. dom rhodes gets a headline for breaking the law. ron rivera gets a top headline for getting a demotion. tony dungy gets the top headline for not doing anything. and, frankly, i\’m surprised tom brady and his kid didn\’t make the cut.

    is there really nothing else going on? i know, the NBA is on a break, and (unfortunately) baseball spring training stories don\’t captivate everyone like they do for me. but aren\’t there any actual sports stories we can focus on, instead of the latest soap opera in Big D or yankee stadium? i guess i should be happy we aren\’t blasted with a headline of peyton manning\’s latest endorsement deal.







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  1. alex Avatar

    I thought I’d written something scathing last year about how much it bothers me that ESPN runs NFL team previews for next year on SportsCenter the week after the Super Bowl Game. I couldn’t find it, so it was either a Forum post or it died in the Un-written Gambit Graveyard (The UGG). I’m pretty much right there with ya in my distaste for the WWL. At least the INsider access is worth the $4 a month.

  2. Brian Scott Avatar

    Maybe if baseball followed kickball’s lead, changed the rules slightly to allow defenses to get players out by hitting them with the ball, then people would be more interested.
    Or, better yet, if they had cheerleaders.
    Regardless, my defense of this is it is because the Superbowl was just played. There is still a lot of interest in football. Check again in a month and I’m certain it would not be so lopsided.

  3. sparklegirl Avatar

    I’m sure they MEANT to include this one, too:

  4. wadE Avatar

    I’m sorta with the Rev on this one, the SuperBowl is still fairly recent news… but really, this is what the NFL is going for. What else are they going to have on their network during late Feb/early March? Actually, they’ll probably start televising the combines or something like that. On a related topic, how much longer before the NFL network takes all games in house and keeps all the television revenue? And when will they realize what a bad move that is b/c each network takes a huge loss on the games from a pure financial standpoint…

  5. monkey Avatar

    Along the lines of sparklegirl and alex’s hockey post, there’s this.

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