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smiles, everyone, smiles. it\’s friday, thank god. as such, check out some compelling items from the interweb tubes today:

it\’s been three years since scottie pippen has played in an NBA basketball game, but he thinks he can come back and contribute towards a team\’s playoff run. no word on whether toni kukoc (\”the magic johnson of europe\”) will also come out of retirement to pick up the slack when pippen refuses to come off the bench at the end of a game.

ever get the feeling that someone is losing his grasp of reality?

someone has finally latched onto my theory that i used for my fantasy baseball team last year: players peak at age 27. and while this is a fun statistic, my 7th (8th?) place finish last year shows that theories don\’t always play out in reality.

sid is the ultimate homer, but sometimes the degree to which he\’s the ultimate homer still stuns me:

Current NBA rules don\’t allow high school players to be drafted until the year after their high school graduating class. The rule began last year. If that rule had been in effect in 2003, the Timberwolves wouldn\’t have been able to waste their first-round draft choice on Ndudi Ebi. …

so if the NBA had just been wise enough to implement this rule earlier, the wolves wouldn\’t have been forced to make the bad decision of drafting doody ebi. i wish david stern would set up more rules to prevent mchale from drafting terrible players. like, \”no one named will avery will be drafted.\”

finally, i found the perfect thing for alex. happy birthday, al!







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  1. monkey Avatar

    Re: grasp on reality, “There seems to be some disarray,” said Levin, D-Mich.

    1) Props for representin’ tha homestate.

    2) Isn’t one of the guiding principles of military chain-of-command that it’s a one-voice-one-message thing? Comparatively speaking, that seems like complete and utter disarray. Corporations are more anal about their public messages than the US Military seems to be…

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