It\’s radiation! And a skull! Run!

Exciting news today from the world of science! They\’ve changed the international symbol for radiation. I suppose to be more accurate what they\’ve done is taken the existing symbol and added more commonplace symbolage for people who don\’t know what the radiation symbol is.

It makes sense overall, but what will they use for fallout shelters? Will people be confused about whether they\’re to run into, or away from the shelter?

Will anyone under the age of 30 even understand that reference?







3 responses to “It\’s radiation! And a skull! Run!”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    what’s wrong with just using this?

  2. monkey Avatar

    Courtesy of homeland security, don’t run!

  3. monkey Avatar

    In a related question under-30 question, do they still do the tornado drill where you go to the hall and tuck your head under your arms? (Wait. I’m not 30 yet…)

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