happy valentine\’s day

crap. it\’s late, and i got nothin\’.

oh, wait. yes i do.

read this.

whee. remember my posting about how some things don\’t hold up well? i tuned into the grammys earlier this week to see the police play– i\’m not a huge fan or anything, but like them enough to own a greatest hits disc. how would they perform? would their sound, which clearly screams \”1984,\” translate into something listenable over two decades later?

the answer is a resounding \”no.\”

things started out okay– you don\’t have to put on the red light, all of that happy crap. on the first chorus, sting can\’t hit the note on the \”put on the red light,\” so he drops an octave. okay, i think. fine. i\’m not so young as i used to be, either. but then, after the second chorus… you know that part in spinal tap, right after nigel quits, and they put on their jazz fusion show at the park? (\”i told them, spinal tap then puppet show!\”) it sounded a lot like that. not good. bad.

me? i\’m not totally against reunion tours. but i\’ll wait until these guys come to town, thanks.







3 responses to “happy valentine\’s day”

  1. alex Avatar

    My only Valentine’s Day regret was that I was unable to procure this item to send to wadE.

  2. monkey Avatar

    Ah, but Stewart Copeland… for him I’ll pay an obscene ticket price…

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