Just what we needed!

More one-dollar coins are on the way!

Blech. If more vending machines accepted them that\’d be one thing, but they\’d still be heavy coins. You know what I\’d rather see?

More two-dollar bills.

Seriously. If I\’ve got four dollars in change coming to me, give me two twos. Right now my wallet is clogged with singles, and it\’s a pain in my arse… (pun intended)

P.S. I did not know the word \’obverse\’ until reading about the one-dollar coins. So at least I learned something today.







5 responses to “Just what we needed!”

  1. Brian Avatar

    Is it just me, or does James Madison look like a vampire?

  2. anderswa Avatar

    no, you’re right. and john adams looks like a krispy kreme.

  3. monkey Avatar

    I’d say I’m just being contrarian, but… I’m not: I want, nay *demand*, one- two- and five-dollar coins.
    Al, do you happen to have Loomis’ story about the two-dollar bill?

  4. alex Avatar

    I do not have, nor do I recall, the two-dollar bill story.

  5. monkey Avatar

    Imagine trying to use a $2 bill at a mall KFC, where the cashier doesn’t realize such a bill exists and is legal tender…

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