no les no more

butera? got him.

schatzeder? got him.

davidson? got him.

straker? not so much.

yes, folks, there\’s a manhunt underway for one lester paul straker, former twins pitcher. you remember les– diminuitive venezuelan righty who actually started two games in the 1987 world series, including the pivotal game six. les even pitched a shutout the next season against the detroit tigers (watched it at my grandma\’s house, as a matter of fact) before getting dinged up in \’88 and being out of baseball by \’89.

now les is missing, and his absence would put a kink in this year\’s 20th anniversary celebration of the team\’s first world series championship. so much that the friendly folks behind have offered a crisp $100 bill to the person that not only finds les, but also (apparently) compels him to attend the reunion this august.

one hundred bucks, huh? i mean, i\’d take it, but given that the twins are behind this (who else would be) and it seems like a big deal to be missing one of your three playoff starters from the celebration, don\’t you think it\’s worth more than that?

maybe not. regardless, stay vigilant, and keep your eye peeled for les.







5 responses to “no les no more”

  1. alex Avatar

    If you want to know more about Les Straker

  2. alex Avatar

    Thank God our long regional nightmare is now over.
    When did capitalization become optional in headlines, by the way?

  3. anderswa Avatar

    > When did capitalization become optional in headlines, by the way?

    i live in a glass house on this particular topic…

  4. alex Avatar

    Yeah well, your yearly salary from SP is a negative number, so readers are getting more than a bargain.

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