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Well, you had to know this was going to happen sooner or later. It\’s Friday, and I just realized that nary a word has passed between Wade and I as to what topic we\’re going to \”debate\” this week. So I\’m taking the Executive Decision Ball (starring Kurt Russell) and running with it. This week we\’re going to find the \”best\” random clip on YouTube that we can find. Each. It\’s a dangerous precedent, but I\’m willing to live with the risk. Check out the candidates after the jump.


I could do this every day of the week, most likely. My brain is rife with random crap that translates well into YouTubeLand. For today, I\’ve picked you all out a very special video. Some of you may remember being scarred by this imagery in your childhood. Others may be about to live the horror for the first time. Either way, this is your only warning: if you watch the embedded video, you will never hear Mac The Knife in the same way again.


that hurts, al. to this point, i\’d succussfully repressed that.

like you, youtube could turn out to be the biggest online time suckage site this side of baseball-reference.com. i have truly spent endless late-night hours going from video to video on this damn site.

anyhow, i see you:

and i raise you:



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2 responses to “PCP: Random YouTubery”

  1. alex Avatar

    Wait wait wait. Is that Jason Alexander selling those McDLTs? Ouch.
    Oh, and here’s an addendum to my entry:

  2. Brian Avatar

    Not entirely connected to this thread, but Wade and I were joking Friday as to when Elton John will sing a tribute to Anna Nicole Smith. Apparently, it was not an original thought:


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