Map of the World

Many of you are aware that I have a new shower curtain. It\’s a standard, Target-issue, map of the world on a big piece of vinyl. I had no intent for it other than to be a shower curtain, but apparently it has turned my bathroom into a land of knowledge. People have been giving me reports as they notice something. Jason realized that the Congo is in Africa. wadE mentioned that he was in Myanmar, but that I might know it as Burma. (For some reason that reference never gets old to me.)

Even I\’m not immune to learning a thing or two. For example, if you\’re like me, you would have gone to the mat in claiming that everyone knows that Canada has nine provinces and two territories. Well, if you\’re like me, you\’re wrong. Canada, since 1999, has three territories.

Meet Nunavut. I\’m not going to bore you with a rehash of the facts you can read for yourself on the Wikipedia page. I will merely say that it\’s not every day that you can stand there in your own bathroom and say to yourself wait, what the hell is that? and have it be something educational and interesting. I feel so blessed.







2 responses to “Map of the World”

  1. Amanda Avatar

    What can you tell us about the Bay of Bengal? 🙂

  2. anderswa Avatar

    those wacky, dynamic canadians. oh, how i hate them.

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