NFL: sports equivalent of a gawker slow-down?

go here and read an insightful piece by strib writer rachel blount.

do you think baseball receives more scrutiny than the NFL? at least recently, it would appear so. blount highlights the most shining example: mark mcgwire and michael irvin and their respective halls of fame. writers everywhere took the moral high ground and told everyone who would listen that they were not going to vote big mac into the HOF because of suspected (never proven, mind you) steroid usage. irvin was convicted of cocaine possession in 1996 (just sentenced to probation– funny, that) but is on ESPN constantly and was inducted into Canton on the first ballot.

other examples aren\’t difficult to spot: barry bonds is a surly, suspected juicer who gets ripped in the media at every turn and gets booed at every venue outside of san francisco. ricky williams is a convicted drug user and the NFL trips over itself every year trying to get him back into uniform. mets pitcher guillermo mota was suspended for 50 games next season after violating baseball\’s substance abuse policy– 30% of the season. ravens running back jamal lewis pled guilty to felony possession of cocaine in 2004 and got suspended 2 games– 12% of the season. devil rays prospect threw a bat that hit an umpire last year and got a 50 game suspension. jamal\’s teammate ray lewis was charged with murder in 2000, pled down to a misdemeanor after agreeing to rat out his friends, and didn\’t miss a game.

and we haven\’t even started talking about the bengals.

why the difference? is it because, as blount notes, baseball puts itself on a higher pedestal by claiming to be the national pastime? is it because the nfl is, as she states, similar to wal-mart: a guilty pleasure, something we know isn\’t right but can\’t help watching?

i have my opinions. how about you?

(for what it\’s worth: nine days until pitchers and catchers report!!)







3 responses to “NFL: sports equivalent of a gawker slow-down?”

  1. Brian Scott Avatar

    I don’t really see it. The big thing is the steroids and Barry Bonds, Mark Maguire, etc… and that is a huge deal because baseball loves its numbers and history. I think your other examples don’t work – comparing Barry Bonds and Ricky Williams… seriously?

    So basically I read this as another of your baseball fanboy rants complaining that baseball unfairly gets the shaft from a football nation while refusing to acknowledge the obvious. Baseball = boring.

    /cackling gleefully

  2. anderswa Avatar

    i expected nothing more than an off-hand dismissal by a misogynist, beer-drinking, violence-loving football fan such as yourself.

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