[daily dose of imagery]

Sorry folks, another mailed in Gambit for the day. We never promised you a rose garden. And if we did, the waiver you all signed absolves us of said promise. If you didn\’t sign the waiver, we have a form that you\’ll have to fill out if you\’d like to complain. The form states that you intended to sign the waiver, which makes everything nice and legal. Best not to complain, is what I\’m saying. In any case, here, have a link. It\’s a pretty picture.

[daily dose of imagery]

It\’s possible that there might be other pretty pictures on that site as well. I\’m not sure, I haven\’t checked yet. I\’ll get around to that right after filling out form 217A.







3 responses to “[daily dose of imagery]”

  1. sparklegirl Avatar

    I come in this morning and get treated to a photo of TORONTO?!?! Way to ruin my day, Al. 😉

  2. anderswa Avatar

    you’ll have to excuse ms. sparklegirl. like all present and former dainees, the idea of toronto brings up nasty associations like this:


  3. sparklegirl Avatar

    That photo is sooooo creepy.

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