I\’m back!

I know, you missed me…

Whaddya mean \”who?\”.  Me!  wadE! 

No, the other one, the one with the goatee… the guy at the top of the page who looks like he\’s boxing holding an electric canned ham in each hand.

Yeah!  That guy. 

So if you hadn\’t noticed, I\’d been gone for awhile.  I was in the hospital recovering from a bout with … ok, I\’m lying for your sympathy.  In fact I was in Australia and New Zealand for 3 weeks, and then dealing with re-entry back into my job after that.  I know, you can stop crying for me now. 

At any rate, I\’m catching up on the changes and good work that\’s been happening on SP since I\’ve been gone, and you can look forward to me actually participating very soon. 

I promise.







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