dwane casey was fired as the head coach of the timberwolves yesterday, after starting the season 20-20. casey handled the situation as expected: with dignity and class. long-time mchale crony randy wittman takes over the team, at least on an interim basis.

but i\’m just wondering: was casey the right person to jettison?






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  1. alex Avatar

    I would probably have to agree with this assessment. That said, it will be near impossible to get equal value for KG, and the only acceptible reason to trade him (at least for PR purposes) will be to make sure he’s on a contender to get a championship. Which will be a sign that McHale has failed, and it’s just a vicious cycle.

  2. wadE Avatar

    The only point I disagree with you on is the Pippen/Jordan analogy. No matter what, KG is Pippen in this.

    Also, do you give up the franchise? They are losing 20 million bucks this year. If you drop KG, what does that operating loss look like? I suppose you make back a big portion of that from not having to pay him 20 million for the year, but I would predict that KG brings in more revenue than they pay him. It’s a no win. He’ll stick around for a few more years until his value is a first round draft pick and a crappy power forward, and then the T-wolves will go through another 5-10 years of playoff drought until the next big talent finally falls into our lap.

  3. anderswa Avatar

    i buy your argument re: KG being pippen in the sense that the ticket tends to shy away from being “the man” down the stretch– thinking first “what’s the best basketball decision” vs. “i’m going to take and make this shot.” as far as talent goes, though, KG and scottie are far apart.

    i truly think that this town is so tired of mchale’s mismanagement and the team’s playoff failures that the team would generate more excitement by bringing in some young players with future potential. would i go to a wolves game to see KG anymore? no. would i go see how foye, mccants, luol deng, and tyrus thomas play together? maybe. unless management can pull the trigger on getting KG his #1A (or #1, depending on your viewpoint)– which it has consistently failed to do in the past– the team’s 3-5 year outlook is pretty grim.

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