our wacky legal system

so i\’m doing my normal morning cruise through the online dailies from the local fish-wrap factories, and come across a story about koren robinson entering a plea in his police chase case. (more background here.) did he plead guilty? did he plead not guilty? neither.

he pled alford.

no, not that alford. this one. in essence, one admits that there is sufficient evidence to be found guilty, but admits no guilt. i guess it makes sense– the prosecution gets what is (in essence) a guilty plea– ko ro will still be sentenced– without the risk of something going kaflooey in a trial. robinson will likely get a fine and (potentially) jail time, but admits no guilt. but it still seems weird.

and, considering my massive amount of legal knowledge comes from watching \”l.a. law\” as a kid, i guess i shouldn\’t really be surprised i hadn\’t heard of it. 🙂







4 responses to “our wacky legal system”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    somewhat related: does this picture just *scream* 1986?

  2. alex Avatar

    I hadn’t heard of the Alford plea either, but it makes sense. Sort of an: “I know this looks really bad, but I didn’t do it.”

  3. Bounce Avatar

    C’mon… neither of you guys want to take a crack at this?


    Could it finally be the end for King Surly???

  4. monkey Avatar

    “The risk of something going kaflooey”? Can I use this? Is it a technical term?

    Oh, and there’s a manager at work by the last name of Alford. I’ll have to use this information somehow…

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