Talkin\’ Baseball

It\’s no secret that we here at SP are baseball nuts, first and foremost. It wouldn\’t surpriise me if Wade has at leat thought about starting up his fantasy baseball spreadsheet already. After all, we\’re less than a month away from the start of spring training.

One of the things I like about baseball is the stories. So when I came across this story this weekend, I immediately thought: Yeah, I remember that dude! Whatever did happen to him?

We\’re two weeks from the Super Bowl, we\’ve got a bit of a sporting wasteland coming up where not much is happening untiil the March Madness. But baseball is on the horizon. And that\’s a good thing.

(Props to ESPN\’s Buster Olney for the link. His baseball blog is single-handedly worth the price of INsider access at the site.)







2 responses to “Talkin\’ Baseball”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    the first spring training game is a mere 36 days away.

    we going to the opener this year? johan (i can only assume) vs. the orioles, april 2nd.

  2. alex Avatar

    Gotta be Johan. When do tickets go on sale? Count me in.

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