when will we fall down


in case you\’re lazy, a lucky, lucky man named josh hanson fell out of a window on the 17th floor of the downtown minneapolis hyatt and suffered nothing worse than a few broken bones.

a) holy crap.

2) the strib\’s lead?

After a night out drinking, Joshua Hanson was horsing around with two friends on the 17th floor of the Hyatt Regency in downtown Minneapolis early Saturday morning when he apparently lost his balance and crashed through a floor-to-ceiling window.

horsing around? really? is that the best description you could come up with? was my great-grandpa running the copy editor desk today? what about \”engaging in tomfoolery?\” \”clown play?\” \”mucking about?\” \”monkeying around?\”

whatever lame verb they chose to use… dude is lucky.







5 responses to “when will we fall down”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    update: this person is 5’10” and weighs over 300 lbs, which probably had a lot to do with a) how he fell through a double-pane window, and b) how the impact was absorbed.

  2. sparklegirl Avatar

    Nice Toad ref.

  3. anderswa Avatar

    glad you approve. it was either that or futzing with “she came into the bathroom window.” that just seemed messier. 🙂

  4. sparklegirl Avatar

    Yeah, that’s terrible.

  5. wadE Avatar

    I heard he landed on his feet (serious), and came away with only a broken leg. It was big enough news to be mentioned on the local news in NYC.

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