hey monkey / where you been

(note: post title is a snippet from a counting crows lyric, not a directive towards one of our favorite simpleprop readers/posters)

i\’m doing actual work this morning– can you believe it– and when that happens i tend to listen to the iPod as it seems to make me focus. it\’s set to random because, well, i like to gamble. a song called \”so long, so long\” from the new dashboard confessional disc and i was really liking it, thinking that it sounded a lot like some of the softer counting crows songs that i like– sorta in the vein of \”colorblind\” or \”holiday in spain.\” so, imagine my surprise when adam duritz\’s unmistakable voice shows up about two minutes in as a backing vocal. good stuff: better, in my opinion, than his appearance in \”sixth avenue heartache.\”

which got me to thinking: hard candy came out in the summer of 2002; are the crows planning on doing a new album anytime soon? they had been averaging a new one every three years or so starting in 1993. we\’re now going on five years since they put out anything new, assuming you don\’t count the greatest hits disc from 2003 (and you shouldn\’t). i went to what has oddly become my most-utilized online source-of-truth lately: wikipedia. it says:

Band frontman Adam Duritz has hinted that their next studio record may be released as soon as early 2007. Both Duritz and guitarist Dan Vickrey indicated that the band recently had spent three weeks working in a Hell\’s Kitchen recording studio with Gil Norton, the producer behind 1996\’s Recovering the Satellites. Vickrey has added that the forthcoming album will sound closest to Recovering The Satellites among their other releases, with half of the songs \”loud, raucous rockers\” written in May in New York, and the other half (expected to be written and recorded after this summer\’s co-headlining tour with the Goo Goo Dolls) to be more acoustic and country-sounding.

Duritz has also speculated that the working title of their forthcoming fifth studio release is Saturday Night, Sunday Morning, explaining, \”Saturday night is when you sin and Sunday is when you regret. Sinning is often done very loudly, angrily, bitterly, violently.\”

fun. while i do like most of the slower, piano-based songs, satellites is by far my favorite album of theirs, and i think they sound really good when they\’re trying to be loud, raucous rockers. check here for a review when it comes out. and, no doubt, an ensuing argument between alex and me. 🙂







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  1. sparklegirl Avatar

    No way. I didn’t know that was Adam on “6th Ave Heartache.”

  2. anderswa Avatar

    yep– next time you listen you’ll know it.

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