Pimp My… John?

Apparently Roto Rooter wants people to start sh*tting where they eat eating where they sh*t.

I don\’t even know where to start with this whole Pimp My John business, besides the obviously not thought of Pimp/John angle.

I guess I just don\’t understand the concept of spending so much time on the toilet that you need that level of diversion. Are these people eating bowls of Horkin\’ Fiber Chunks for breakfast or something? I don\’t get it.

But hey, if it\’s for you, (and I\’m not judging here) visit the Roto Rooter website and get yourself signed up for the contest!







One response to “Pimp My… John?”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    thought #1: think how jason could benefit from this
    thought #2: along with horkin fiber chunks, this might be useful for people who enjoy the highest fiber cereal on the market!

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