i don\’t pretend to be a better writer than anyone. really. i see simpleprop as a fun outlet for the creative energies that i have– the few that aren\’t tapped by my anklebiters. i don\’t pretend that anyone will walk away from my posts and look for an online pulitzer nomination form. if i make someone smile, laugh, think… great. low expectations.

all that said…

jim souhan sucks. he tries to be funny and fails. he tries to be witty and fails. he tries to be insightful and fails. i fail at all these on a regular basis as well; however, i\’m not a featured sports columnist for a newspaper with the 25th largest circulation in the united states, being (likely) paid over 100k for his \”work.\”

the latest mess? this. regular simpleprop readers might recognize this format: it\’s what we called a \”rambling\” in the days of yore. a random sampling. it\’s basically what we– mostly me– did whenever we didn\’t want to develop 500 intelligent words on the same topic. a shortcut to good writing, if you will.

and now shecky souhan is trying it. if he ever starts doing a daily gambit, i think we should sue.







2 responses to “souhan”

  1. wadE Avatar

    good lord… he starts with a few bullets on Beckham, and then inexplicably moves into Women’s Basketball? I speak no exaggeration when I say that any of us could write a more enjoyable regular sports article than Souhan. Send him back to the beat. Has Barreiro ever commented on it?

  2. anderswa Avatar

    he could, but i don’t think he ever would– i’m guessing you can get blacklisted on the local scene if you make fun of local people too much. or, at a minimum, piss off strib guys like lavelle or youngblood or mark craig or aschburner who may no longer appear on your show.

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