you may run like mays but you hit like…

i just got done watching the last hour of major league, a surprise find on the HDNet channel.

trying to estimate, i\’d say that i\’ve seen the movie no less than.. wow.. 40 times in my life. it was one of those movies that i recorded off of network TV in or around ninth grade, and i ended up watching repeatedly via VCR tape. because i got accustomed to the made-for-TV flavor, i\’m always taken aback when hearing the actual version with accompanying swear words. to me, the sanitized version is better. to wit:

\”what\’s with that ole stuff, dorn?\”


\”you may run like mays but you hit like his sister.\”

anyway. despite having seen the movie more than a handful of times, despite the horrible acting, despite the awful script, i got goosebumps at least a dozen times watching the movie tonight– all because it\’s able to capture the greatest parts of the game of baseball. jake taylor\’s bunt. willie hayes\’ steal of second. rick vaughn coming out of the bullpen. baseball is truly the best sport to watch, and this half-assed movie from 1989 easily reminded me of that.

just over a month until pitchers and catchers report…







3 responses to “you may run like mays but you hit like…”

  1. alex Avatar

    A-frickin’-men to all that, my friend. When do tickets for opening day go on sale? 🙂

  2. wadE Avatar

    I think it’s unfair to say it’s a terrible script. I’d argue that it’s a great script. And the next time it’s on ESPN Classic, hopefully they’ll run the behind-the-scenes show they have on the movie. It’s great!

  3. anderswa Avatar

    i’m talking major league, wadE. i think you’re thinking of this.

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