coming to you live from stable 16

let me begin by saying that i consider myself an animal lover. i have a dog that, despite her stupidity, i love dearly. i\’ve started to grow fond of my sneezing, athsma-inducing cat. i had to be led out of a theater in tears by my mother during a showing of benji because i was afraid the dog had gotten hurt in a fall down a well. (i believe she turned out okay, if you were concerned.)

with that out of the way… why is there so much attention being paid to barbaro? the front page of is currently featuring a 750+ word story on barbaro\’s comfort level, barbaro\’s current eating habits, the strength of barbaro\’s right hind. (?)

it\’s a horse. granted, one that formerly was very fast, but still. it was sad when it (he?) shattered bones in his leg at the preakness last may, but do we need this much coverage of his recovery? we didn\’t see this much footage of gerald ford when he was gravely ill. will the financial markets close if barbaro kicks it?

keep tuned to this space for the next installment of \”as the stud turns.\”







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  1. alex Avatar

    C’mon now. We are talking about Sports Human Of The Year Barbaro. Show a little respek.
    (I have trouble reading Deadspin’s Barbaro posts because then we end up talking about the official Barbaro message board, and then I get sad for all those poor souls who write long emails to a horse and… well, part of me dies each time.)

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