Jimmy Carter and the Killer Rabbit

So it started with this web comic.

I\’ll admit, I was intrigued. I\’d never heard of this Monty Python-esque story of President vs. Rabbit. Naturally I turned to Wikipedia for corroboration.

Yes Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia where nerds make stuff up and are corrected by other nerds. It\’s a highly useful source of information via internets tube (just in case you hadn\’t heard of it before).

Sure enough I encountered a picture of the plucky Commander-in-Chief and his adversarial lagomorph. The picture was linked to this web page, which tells the entire story in enough detail to satisfy this reader.

There\’s your history lesson for the day, folks. No need to thank me.

Note: The Jimmy Carter Library kindly requests that if you use the picture in question that you credit the Library as source, which I am gladly doing right here.



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  1. anderswa Avatar

    that’s just… i don’t…


    i wonder if the rabbit had big, pointy teeth.

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