Oh yes. I will have one.

Unless you haven\’t bothered to read a major news outlet, you\’ve no doubt heard of the announcement of this little bit of nerd candy. It\’s not always the sort of thing I\’d drool over, myself, but this little gadget has a few things that I think will really make it stand out.

  • Full touch screen.
    Buttons that are there as you need them, and gone as you don\’t? Perfect.
  • Integrated web browser.
    If I had a dollar for every time wadE complained about how [site x] looks crappy on his PDA…*
  • WiFi.
    Use it like a laptop when you\’re at a place with wireless network. Again, perfect.

For the rest, I just rely on the fact that Apple, Inc. and its notorious leader have made the UI as easy and intuitive as the rest of the stuff that I do on their hardware on a daily basis.

If you wish to know any more info, just click on the picture above and you\’ll be whisked off to the official propaganda site.

*Yes, I am aware of how rich we\’d all be if we had a dollar for every time wadE complained about [facet x] of [subject y].



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One response to “iPhone”

  1. Brian Scott Avatar

    My anticipation for this product and my on-going passion for all things Apple borders on, there is only one word for it, lust.

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