a brand new strategery

the president will address the nation this evening (thereby pre-empting \”deal or no deal,\” by the by) on a change to the administration\’s policy towards the war in iraq.

and it\’s about time, right? the november takeover of congress by democrats served primarily as a mandate to the president\’s policy towards iraq. citizens saw the four-year-old war, the $400 billion in cost, and the over 3,000 military lives lost and said enough is enough. the president and his administration needs to straighten up and fly right, and begin the steps to extract us from the quagmire. so i\’m glad that message was heard.

/reading summary of the speech

wait a minute.

20,000 more troops? $5.6 billion more? am i missing something? where\’s the spirit of bipartisanship that bush whined and pleaded for after the election results rolled in? how could anyone rationally think that throwing more american troops will help prompt the iraqis to take responsibility for control of their country? does the president think that his popularity can\’t get any worse? that there\’s no need to make his party look good given november\’s elections are over?

more importantly, where are the democrats, exactly? nancy? harry? ted, for heaven\’s sake? it is exclusively a decision of the executive branch, but did they do anything to try to persuade the president on this? power of the purse, anyone?

i don\’t get it. i thought the balance-of-power shift that occurred two months ago would mean an end to these unilateral decisions.







4 responses to “a brand new strategery”

  1. alex Avatar

    *yawn*. Call me if there’s talk of impeachment. That said, I think it’s possible that Bush is no longer the public speaker who most raises my blood pressure.

  2. Brian Scott Avatar

    Ted talked yesterday – he’s introducing a bill which would require the president to go through congress in order to do any escalations in Iraq.

    On a side note – it must be the end of the day, because I had the worst time writing that sentence. I feel drunk.

  3. alex Avatar

    Wait. Norm Coleman spoke out against a troop surge? The same Norm Coleman who was not long ago being accused of trying to position himself as a neo-con favorite son? Wow. I guess that’s karmic balance for McCain’s baffling slide rightward.

  4. anderswa Avatar

    maybe he’s trying to distance himself from the wildly unpopular dubya, with his eyes on ’08? you’d think being a neocon clone wouldn’t be the best plan for long-term political survival.
    or– maybe– coleman is just letting his conscience guide him and eschewing traditional partisan politics.

    HAAHAHAHAHAHA. whew, i’m sorry, that was just right there. that’s rich.

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