sid\’s off his meds

first, go here (then come back).

oh, sid. sid, sid, sid. you all know grandpa sports, right? the grumpy, octogenarian, easily-mocked homer columnist for the west-side fish-wrap factory. i don\’t know anyone who likes sid. (granted, i don\’t know anyone over 70 who gives a rip about sports.) but i also don\’t know anyone who gives a rip about sports who doesn\’t read sid on a regular basis. it\’s like picking at a scab, or listening to the black eyed peas: somewhat painful, mostly annoying, but oddly addicting.

today, it\’s apparent that sid has neglected to take his old fart pill. (aside: did anyone else ever think the black jellybeans in those bottles marked \”old fart prescription\” were actually medicinal? oh. no, me neither.) in his column today, sid acknowledges that minnesota-only talent is not sufficient for a successful college basketball program. Nooooo…. This from a man who once proposed that the Timberwolves assemble a lineup of Willie Burton, Voshon Lenard, Quincy Lewis, Sam Jacobson, Bob Martin, Hosea Crittenden, Bobby Jackson, and Vincent Grier. Okay, he never actually wrote that, but you know that\’s what he\’s thinking.

what\’s next? barriero writing something positive about… well, anything? 🙂







2 responses to “sid\’s off his meds”

  1. wadE Avatar

    my dad is over 70… gives a rip about sports… and… like Sid. has he ever told you the story about meeting Sid?

    Well, it was 1956 and dad was at Murray’s, the famous steakhouse in Minneapolis where the steaks are a big as…ummm… well this TV tray here…

  2. alex Avatar

    I think I’ve heard that story before. Wasn’t there also one about a hammock?

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