Will It Blend?

I\’m pretty sure this is exactly why the internet was invented.

If you\’re looking to waste a good ten minutes of your time this morning, nothing beats watching a nerdy man in a white lab coat put crap in a blender. Yessiree, the BlendTec corporation sure does have a hit on its hands, and this Tom Dickson fella, well he\’s bound for greatness, that\’s for sure.

I kid, but it is strangely fascinating to watch an iPod go in a blender. Or six cassette tapes. Or three hockey pucks. Or… well, you get the idea. Check it out for yourself.

Will It Blend?

Props to frequent SP commenter \’monkey\’ for sending this my way.

P.S. This is not far behind in the \”reasons the internet was invented\” department.







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  1. anderswa Avatar

    huh. i watched the ipod blend and it was oddly… climacticer than i thought it would be. other blending suggestions?
    + new NBA microfiber basketball
    + apache helicopter
    + chris berman

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