Brand Confusion

Ok, I just saw a commercial for UPS.

In the background, an identifiable song is playing. The artist?

The Postal Service.

I\’m so confused. Which is it that I\’m supposed to be using?




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4 responses to “Brand Confusion”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    i’m not allowed to do anything as risky as listen to audio on my work PC, so you’ll need to tell me if the postal service (the band) is an appropriate soundtrack to the postal service (the entity). is it, like, atonal and repetitive and are there dogs barking in the background? and, every once in a while, does it go absolutely bat-shit crazy?

  2. alex Avatar

    Do yourself a favor and get your ears on a copy of “Give Up”. Some might call it overplayed, but what the hell, it’s good. But no, it doesn’t remind me of Cathy at all.

  3. anderswa Avatar

    from my brief perusings on itunes, they sound a lot like death cab. fair assessment?

  4. alex Avatar

    I have not listened to Death Cab, but according to the iTMS the two groups share a common member. So probably yes.

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