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alex and i were chatting the other day, and came to the conclusion that we\’re just not argumentative enough. sure, we both can have our contrarian moments, but for the most part we\’re just two happy-go-lucky chums, two boys with a devil-may-care attitude, a couple of carefree, harum-scarum gentlemen.

well, no longer.

let us proudly introduce you to Point – Counterpoint, a new weekly feature we\’ll just call PCP for short. in it, we\’ll take a burning (or not so burning) cultural, sports-related, or political issue and give you our two cents\’ worth. we may even agree on the issue at hand, or we may not. think of us as a less-abrasive, wittier version of Pardon The Interruption if that helps.

anyway, enough prelude. click here for the inaugural PCP.






5 responses to “PCP: Best Rock Song”

  1. monkey Avatar

    Hmmmmm… between those choices, I’ll have to side with Alex and the Roses hands down. But I’ll throw in a few additional, unsupported, candidates: Any Zeppelin (ok, ok, “When the Levee Breaks” or “Kashmir”). “Tom Sawyer” (I know — that’s Best Prog Song… actually that’d be “Red Barchetta”).

  2. alex Avatar

    A) I’m shocked you picked a Rush album that I own.
    B) Of the two, it’s gotta be “Red Barchetta”; Wouldn’t “Tom Sawyer” be considered too mainstream to win Best Prog?
    C) Best Prog is totally “Only a Matter of Time”, and you know it. 🙂

  3. wadE Avatar

    I’m just shocked that Alex went so mainstream. I think Paradise City was at the top of the VH1 best rock song list. Actually, no, … ick: http://home.netcom.com/~speaker6/lists/vh1_top100.htm
    for artist:
    anyway… I would have actually gone with something from The Who. But this is such a broad category… best rock song. tough tough…

  4. alex Avatar

    I would support the candidacy of “Won’t get fooled again”.

  5. anderswa Avatar

    i considered both “won’t get fooled again” and “baba o’riley”– however, as both heavily feature use of the organ, immediately knocking them out of contention.

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