Twins sign fat drunkard!

(Yes, I know, but we already covered the Grimmace signing. This is different.)

What\’s interesting there is two of his similar pitchers listed are Jeff Suppan and Jeff Weaver. The former is an unspectacular journeyman who just signed for big money. The latter is an even less spectacular journeyman who was cut in the middle of last season (think about that!) and is about to sign for big money. Mr. Ponson, who was also cut last year, just didn\’t have the good fortune to finish the year on the World Series champions, so he has to sign a minor league contract with the Twins that will only pay him about 25 times more than I\’ll make next year, and that only if he makes the team. (It\’s a deal for 1 Million, with incentives that could earn him 2M more.)

Still, I think this is an interesting signing for the Twins. If Ponson can demonstrate the ability to even pitch at league average, he has value. There are no guarantees beyond anyone but Santana in the rotation, so this makes sense to give it a shot.

And on the plus side, we now have a new icon for \”Twin most likely to have gout\”, a posiition that\’s gone largely unfilled since LeCroy left town.







5 responses to “Twins sign fat drunkard!”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    are we trying to corner the market on fat free agents? if so, burnitz and david wells are available. ooh, and guardado!

    i don’t have a problem with this. the twins seem to be approaching this as it should be approached– if he makes it, great. better than the batista signing last offseason when they basically handed him the starting 3b job.

  2. anderswa Avatar

    what else do you need to know about ponson, other than he’s fat, overpaid, and got thrown into jail last year for assaulting a judge? he’s got a way with the ladies. to wit:

  3. alex Avatar

    I remember that photo being posted on Deadspin last year. I’m sure this will all play well in Minnesota. Heh.

  4. sparklegirl Avatar

    Wow, that photo is unattractive for so many reasons.

  5. wadE Avatar

    You also missed that last sentence in that article: The Twins also have expressed interest in free agent pitchers Ramon Ortiz and Bruce Chen.
    Ooooh! Ooooh!
    Oh, and that picture… whoa!

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