gambit, day two: america on alert

smiles, everyone, smiles. let\’s start with an easy one, one that both alex and i care about. i caught this story which made me slightly nostalgic. the topic?

the chevy malibu.

specifically, the redesigned malibu. check it out. the picture, although small, makes it look fairly swank. $17k is palatable; my sunfire will likely expire in the next couple of years. will the malibu be on my short list of replacement models?

not likely.

y\’see, the first car i ever drove was a chevy malibu. but it looked nothing like this or this or even this.

no, mine looked like this. and the color wasn\’t even that nice. it was billed as \”waxberry pastel,\” which sounds whimsical and fun but actually made the car look like a four-door sedan crafted out of tapioca pudding.

okay, fine, \’bu wasn\’t that bad. it was a car that i basically had free access to during my high school years, more than what a lot of people had. incidentally, my car wasn\’t the only one with a term of endearment:

  • me: \’bu
  • al: the white yacht, and i don\’t know if we ever named that silver one that always needed power steering fluid and had the omnipresent bag of peanuts in the backseat
  • wadE: the palace of love (don\’t ask)
  • jason: the silver fox, danny bell (again, don\’t ask)

all this to say (cohesiveness in gambits is still optional, right?) that while the new malibu may not look anything like the malibu i once knew… i\’ll pass.







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  1. alex Avatar

    I don’t think the silver car had a nickname, but don’t forget about the rear bumper that was held together with wire coat hangers.

    I’m not a big car guy. The two cars I’ve owned I purchased primarily for price and the sheer convenience of how I bought them. That said, my current Malibu has been remarkably durable. If they increased the fuel efficiency by half I’d buy another one.

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