The Return of the Gambit: The Gambit Strikes Back

Something like that. Yes folks, it\’s back. Your daily repository for crap, crap, more crap and occasional pictures of MacGyver. The Daily Gambit. You know you all missed it.

If you\’re unfamiliiar with the Gambit, the archives are here. I even once gave out awards for our most note-worthy work in the arena, which you can read here.

For now it\’ll just be Wade A and I on Gambit patrol. Eventually you may see wadE start chipping in, but he\’s a busy man, so perhaps not. Perhaps we\’ll just get Don Fox\’s auto-dialer to phone something in from time to time. Inside joke, pay it no mind.

So just look for the little red coffee cup icon that stands for Gambits, each and every workday. Sometime before noon. Noon-ish. Most days. How far back will you let me backpedal on this committment? I like to set the bar low. But, as a present, I\’ll give you more than just a preamble today. Follow the jump for more…

I\’m guessing many of you didn\’t stay up to watch the Fiesta Bowl Game last night. Your loss. Seriously. How about if I just tell you how Boise State scored their final points.

Score 1: Hook and Lateral. On 4th and 18. With 7 seconds left. To tie the game.

Then Oklahoma scored on their first play in the first overtime, and you had to think Boise State might be done. Not so.

Score 2: Direct snap to running back… rolls right, throws it to the tight end. Did I mention it was 4th and 2? It was. State down by one.

Score 3: Statue of Liberty. Statue of freaking Liberty! I watched the replay. The QB turned right, and he more than pump-faked, he gave a full arm throw fake. But the ball was sitting in his left hand, behind his back. Which the running back grabbed and ran un-touched into the end zone for two points, and the win.

You might think we\’re done. Not so. We move on to the post-game.

Score 4: They interview the running back who just scored the winning two point conversion. He proposes to his girlfriend, the head cheerleader. She says yes.

I lost track of the times I said \”Are you kidding me?\” within one half-hour stretch. Great stuff.







One response to “The Return of the Gambit: The Gambit Strikes Back”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    a) welcome back, gambit. i’ve really missed that “crapi’vegottawrite*something*” feeling in my weeks.

    2) as i am not what you would call a college football enthusiast, i missed the fiesta bowl. sounds like great fun, though– i’ll have to look for the plays on youtube. think brad childress might be out there looking for ideas for next year’s kick-ass offense?

    iii) the name of the cheerleader is Chrissy Popadics. am i the only one who thinks that’s funny?

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