Happy New Year! (Nearly)

I thought I\’d offer up a post to guide us into 2007, since it\’s unlikely that any of us will be posting over the long weekend. I can\’t speak for my cohorts, but one of my personal resolutions for the new year is to spend more time right here. I\’ve been a bit too lax in putting up content this year, and that will change. I don\’t yet know what direction I\’ll take in getting things rolling, but roll they will. So look out. Coming soon. And so on.

Also, in the spirit of the holiday season, I thought I\’d offer up my own holiday card. It\’s not something that I typically do, being that for the majority of my adult life I\’ve been single, and it just feels to me like sending out cards is a family thing to do. In any event, here\’s a link wishing a very happy happy to you and yours from me (and the cat) in the best way I can think of: a hastily assembled Photoshop image.

No seriously. Happy New Year. Drink something for me on Sunday night; I\’ll do the same for you, and we\’ll see ya in \’07.







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