i\’m learning so much about the world of health care

today\’s term, as it relates to coverage plans: involuntary disenrollments. i generally call it \”dying,\” but whatever.

while we\’re on the topic, may the 38th president, gerald ford, rest in peace. for a political science wonk, i know frighteningly little about the man. let\’s see:

  • played football at michigan
  • from michigan
  • issued a full pardon to richard m. nixon, the man who (coincidentally, i\’m sure) named ford president when nixon resigned. which, sneaky as it seems, probably was the best thing for the country at the time, versus having criminal trial for a former president
  • fell down frequently

he did not die because he was mauled by bears, as i assumed he would. (damn you, united health, for not letting me access youtube to find that clip. i\’ll find it tonight after work and add it to the comments section.)







3 responses to “i\’m learning so much about the world of health care”

  1. alex Avatar

    I hope your skills at YouTubery are better than mine, because I couldn’t find the video you wanted. Involuntary disenrollment? (Shakes head.)

  2. anderswa Avatar

    this is the one i was thinking of (although i needed to resort to google video…)


  3. wadE Avatar

    I haven’t even clicked on the video yet, but I can recite it verbatim…

    “… and I’m gay…”

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