Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Chives!

We all know what Chia Pets are. They\’ve been a landmark crap gift for years, and espeically with the holidays upon us I\’ve been noticing a bit more air time for ol\’ Chia lately. But there\’s a new twist this year, or at least it\’s new to me.

Gourmet Chia Herb Garden.

Wait. Let me rephrase that. Gourmet Freakin\’ Chia Freakin\’ Herb Garden!

Apparently we are supposed to believe that we can grow actual edible herbs in the secret Chia sauce. I for one, am not buying it. And thus I challenge you, the reader. If you\’re brave enough to buy and try the Chia herbs, make a production out of it. Take pictures. Document. And I will reward you with one free SP guest post so you can show the world your green thumb. As it were.

Gauntlet. Thrown. Good luck to any takers.







One response to “Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Chives!”

  1. wadE Avatar

    Oh yeah… it’s been out for awhile now. But I cannot find any confirmations of success on the internet tubes…

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