Jeff Daniels: You\’re shittin\’ me…

So I was listening to the Powertrip morning show locally here on KFAN and as I arrived at work they started an interview with Jeff Daniels to discuss his new CD \”Grandfather\’s Hat\”.

They were playing a little bit of one of the songs as they came in from the intro, and it sounded very familiar.  Kind of a folksy, talk to the audience and have a lot of bittersweet and/or black humor in your songs, type of music.  I know there are others who write in this vein, but they aren\’t coming to mind; perhaps my more musically in tune colleagues have some insight.

At any rate, they\’re about to start the interview and I think to myself, \”how unfortunate this guy is that he\’s got the same name as Jeff Daniels the actor\”; you know, the guy in Dumb & Dumber who takes the memoriable bowel movement?

Then they start the interview and Mike Morris (The Superstar) goes into the whole \”man I just loved you in Dumb & Dumber\” bit; and I\’m thinking what a moron Morris is and then… well, then I realize, that this guy actually IS Jeff Daniels the actor.

While folks storyteller music isn\’t my favorite, it was easy to tell from the little bit they played that he actually is pretty good.  I\’m still shocked. 

But if you think about it, it isn\’t like stupid comedy has been his forte over the years.  There are a lot of forgotten, but good, performances in his career.

As for music, his new CD Grandfather\’s Hat isn\’t even his first release.  If you interested in learning more, here\’s a good little article about him.








2 responses to “Jeff Daniels: You\’re shittin\’ me…”

  1. fengligirl Avatar

    i have to say – i was dragged to a Jeff Daniels concert when visiting the in-laws in ann arbor. JD is a Michigander and damn proud of it. he had lots of Michigander friends out with him that night – but he was by far the best and most entertaining.
    i am not ashamed to have enjoyed his music!

  2. anderswa Avatar

    has he written a ballad for frieda felcher?

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