\’Tis the season

Ah yes… \’tis the season to ignore things you hold near and dear because of work and general life.

Yes yes, it\’s an excuse you\’ve heard before… but it true.  Just as true as the world\’s tallest man saving dolphins… seriously.

Things have been so crummy as of late that I\’m quite tardy on the celebration of Simpleprop\’s 5th Birthday!!!  So a belated 5th birthday to us!

A quick example of what\’s been keeping me busy as of late is best summed up by a recent email I wrote to my manager who was home with a \”sick child\” (btw – I love when people refer to their kids like this… like a third party not affiliated with the family):


(My Manager),

Sorry to hear about your sick child.  Although it could be worse, your house could look like a volcano went off inside of it.

Two issues yesterday, one, the tile people’s vacuum that sucks up the dust from grinding off the old adhesive, blew a seal and shot a heavy coating us dust throughout the downstairs.

The second was when they did the second area they put tarps up around the area (ideally to minimize dust) that included one of the furnace intakes… so when the furnace kicked on to heat the house (because they opened all the doors and windows to get the dust out from the first accident) the furnace started sucking the dust into the duct work, and my entire upstairs got a nice coating of dust as well.

The worst part is our closet has a vent in it… so all of our clothes have a layer of powered grout on them.


Having some long overdue work done on the house, and it\’s been a disaster.  You know how when you go to the beach and sand gets everywhere?  Well imagine is someone brough the beach to your house, then powdered the sand so it\’s like flour, and then sprayed it all over every room of the house. 

Good times… 

At any rate, if I don\’t get around to a proper birthday post/article before the end of the year, I\’ll be back in action in mid January (the reason why to come later! — ooh, what a teaser).

Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!!!



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3 responses to “\’Tis the season”

  1. sparklegirl Avatar

    Happy fifth birthday, guys. 🙂

  2. alex Avatar

    We’re five? Sweet! It’s off to kindergarten for us! I’d prefer the morning session, if y’all don’t mind.

  3. anderswa Avatar

    wow– does that mean i can start taking naps every day?

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