Note to Hollywood

Here is a fun little article to warm your heart on a very cold December day.

Maybe it\’s just me, but doesn\’t this have the makings of a sappy movie? 

Here\’s how I would write it:

Washed up forgotten major league baseball player loses his wife and begins packing up his home to downsize (single kid, a son, has just moved out to go to college).  He finds large box of old fan mail that back in his playing (and drunk) days he ignored.  He comes across 15 year old letter that touches his soul.  A woman whose husband he visited in the hospital before he died pours out her heart and thanks to making those last days special for her husband.  Ballplayer writes back and in turn pours his soul out to the woman.  Turns out the woman has moved and in fact lives not far from the ballplayer.  She seeks him out, they fall in love, some bad happens (here\’s where those great Hollywood screenplay writers can have some fun), they reconcile/overcome, and live happily ever after. 

It\’ll be like Bull Durham, without any sports scenes at all.  I\’ll make a fortune!







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  1. anderswa Avatar

    i remember carman (barely). i also remember sending cards to crappy players so that there was a better chance of getting it returned. to wit: roy smith, allan anderson, ron hassey.

    the feel-goodness of the story took a turn once you find out he now works for scott boras.

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