Let\’s have a little story time. I\’d say it was two years ago, more or less. A co-worker was telling us over lunch about how he\’d bought something called high-definition television, and how amazing it was, and how we were all welcome to stop by his place sometime and check it out. I have to admit, I thought to myself at the time really, how amazing could it possibly be?

In hindsight, I was wrong. Flat wrong. It\’s amazing. And you really do have to see it in someone\’s home to believe it. Just going to Best Buy and looking at a wall of tvs doesn\’t do it justice.

There isn\’t a lot of HD content at the moment, which is probably why Comcast offers most of what\’s out there for free, and the rest for a small $6 a month fee. What is out there, though, is almost addictive. Last night I watched a hockey game, and it was spectacular. Then I started browsing channels, and that\’s when the danger started. I watched a half hour of nothing but movie trailers, simply because it was on. I watched a full hour of golf, not because I like watching golf, but simply because the tournament was in Hawaii, and the scenery was amazing. I fell asleep watching an NBA game, not because I like watching a meaningless November Clippers game, but because I couldn\’t get over how damn good it looked.

I don\’t know what else I can tell y\’all… except that any time you want to watch a game that\’s on in HD, give me a call. I\’ll be watching. Heh.

And after that, we\’ll hook up the Wii. More on that later. 🙂







3 responses to “HDTV”

  1. Brian Scott Avatar

    I am saying this without any irony – we are entering a digital golden age. TiVo, HD TV, MP3s, the Wii. You could almost make an epic poem out of it all.

    Dammit, we may be in an unsolveable mess in Iraq and, well shit, the world may warm up to catasrophic levels – but no matter what, we will be gloriously entertained.

  2. monkey Avatar

    Would the epic poem be called Wiiwulf?

  3. Katey Morley Avatar

    Where the hell have you been?! Oh, I see, watching tv.

    Call/write soon!


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