Talkin\’ Hockey

Item of interest number one:

On Versus tonight they unveiled something called \’rail cam\’. Frankly, it\’s brilliant. You\’ve perhaps seen the camera at football games that floats over the field? Well this is similar. They mounted a moving camera on the glass, and it can move back and forth with the action. Give the truck a couple games to figure out how best to use it (they seemed to lose sight of the puck a bit too often for me), and you\’ll never want to see another game without it. One of the Dallas goals featured Modano bringing the puck up the wing and throwing a perfect cross-ice pass to Lindross for the chippy. Viewers saw it live from what appeared to be just behind the action. Basically, it feels like you\’re on the ice. High praise here to the Versus crew for coming up with this one.

Item number two:

The announcers during the Wild game were talking about the physical nature of the game\’s play, and one of them jokingly inquired whether or not \’injurious\’ was a word. The other one assured him that it wasn\’t, and much joking ensued.

But the Ole in me was saying: hold on a minute!

As we all know, injurious is in fact a word, and is used in the immortal St Olaf fight song, Um Ya Ya. And it really does mean something as simple as \’causing or likely to cause damage or harm\’. So take that, hockey announcer, you\’re more literate than you know.



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  1. anderswa Avatar

    item number one: whatever happened to the glowing puck?

    item number two: our fight song is immortal? in that it’s the only “fight” song in 3/4 time? knowing olaf, we’re lucky that it doesn’t require a chamber orchestra, and singing in four-part harmony.

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