nancy pelosi would be proud

inspired by last tuesday\’s Democratic Revolution, yesterday sara and i celebrated by doing what all good liberals should do: join a co-op. (the hybrid car purchase and the subscription to the new york times are forthcoming.)

for a surprisingly low fee, we are now part-owners (whatever that\’s worth) of Valley Natural Foods in apple valley. for the last six months, we\’ve been making an effort to be more aware of what we\’re eating. (sometimes that means being aware of sesame chicken from won ton king, but at least we\’re, like, cognizant of that.) anyway, to that end, we\’ve been adopting more and more natural foods– including hormone- and antibiotic-free milk, grass-fed meats, and pesticide- and fertilizer-free fruits and vegetables. we\’re not militant about it– i don\’t refuse to see ingredient lists in restaurants or carry my own salad dressing with me. but, when given a choice, that\’s what we buy. it costs a little extra, but if you\’re going to splurge on something, why not this?

now, i\’m aware that there is a large group of people– including, perhaps, people on this site– who think this is a load of b.s.: clever marketing only done to charge extra money for food products that aren\’t really that different from their non-organic partners. but the logic seems undeniable to me, assuming you accept the (obvious, to me) premise that natural food is better for you than food containing chemicals. at that point, it becomes a choice as to whether the perceived benefit of eating naturally is worth the extra cost involved. for us, that answer is \”yes.\”

so, thank you, mr. president, for your ineptness. it caused my party to re-take control of the congress, and inspired me to do what my shame had suppressed for so many years: act like a democrat. now, i\’m off to listen to NPR. oh, and burn a flag. 😉







7 responses to “nancy pelosi would be proud”

  1. wadE Avatar

    It’s surprisingly expensive to eat healthy, let alone organic. But I certainly can’t fault you for it. Look at what happened with Spinach recently. Look at the (very rare) occurances of Mad Cow disease in the US.
    As more and more people look for alternative sources for their food, the more investment will be made in organic foods, and the prices will come down.
    Of course it’ll still be cheaper to buy a Big Mac and Fries from McD’s than a salad. 🙁

  2. alex Avatar

    I just think it’s so easy to get caught up in low-fat this, no-carb that, and I think that people don’t realize that everything’s a trade-off. If you want these mystery products you have to accept that you’re putting chemicals into your body that almost certainly have not seen a longitudinal study on their effects. The alternative is to eat less processed foods and workout if you want to be more fit and in shape. The latter, as we all know, is not the American way – it’s too much work.

  3. blondebombchelle Avatar

    Do they make Organic Jim Beam?

  4. alex Avatar

    I’m holding out for bacon-fed bacon myself.

  5. wadE Avatar

    Bacon-Fed Bacon will lead to Mad Pig Disease… and that’ll be the end of days…

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