I\’m sure this was funny at the time.


Who knew The Onion could be so prophetic?

\”We must squander our nation\’s hard-won budget surplus on tax breaks for the wealthiest 15 percent. And, on the foreign front, we must find an enemy and defeat it.\”

Or is it merely sad that a quote like the one above turned out to be just about the sum total of his presidency?







3 responses to “I\’m sure this was funny at the time.”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    looks like they called it perfectly:

    “Finally, the horrific misrule of the Democrats has been brought to a close,” House Majority Leader Dennis Hastert (R-IL) told reporters. “Under Bush, we can all look forward to military aggression, deregulation of dangerous, greedy industries, and the defunding of vital domestic social-service programs upon which millions depend.”

  2. monkey Avatar

    I don’t know what’s more amazing — The Onion’s hard reporting (in advance!) or the revelation that the GOP went to The Onion for its policy statement.

  3. wadE Avatar

    That’s eerily prophetic. And I love any article that uses the word “jingoism”. My favorite post 9/11 word!

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