Now this is what I\’m talkin\’ about.

Meet Tom Coburn (Sen – OK), my new favorite Republican:

With quotes like this:

“This election does not show that voters have abandoned their belief in limited government; it shows that the Republican Party has abandoned them. In fact, these results represent the total failure of big government Republicanism.

The Republican Party now has an opportunity to rediscover its identity as a party for limited government, free enterprise and individual responsibility. Most Americans still believe in these ideals, which reflect not merely the spirit of 1994 or the Reagan Revolution, but the vision of our founders. If Republicans present real ideas and solutions based on these principles we will do well in the future.\”

And this:

\”Some have said that Republicans and Democrats now need to govern from the middle. I disagree. We do not need to govern from the center as much as we need to govern from conscience. When politicians have the courage to argue their convictions and lose their political lives in an honest battle of ideas the best policies will prevail.\”

And this:

\”The American people do want civility but they also want real debate. Civility does not mean an absence of conflict, but a return of honor and dignity in our politics.\”

We may finally have someone from the Red State Party that I can respect. Does anyone know if this man has Presidential aspirations?







5 responses to “Now this is what I\’m talkin\’ about.”

  1. anderswa Avatar

    it’s refreshing to see that not all repubs are right-wing nutjobs. a possible litmus test: if said republican is willing to appear on the daily show or colbert, he/she can be trusted.


    oh, and maybe coburn will be t-paw’s running mate in ’08.

  2. Bounce Avatar

    Can someone explain to me how Pawlenty goes from almost getting knocked off by a candidate many in his own party can’t stand to suddenly being higher office potential?

  3. anderswa Avatar

    on the topic of cool republicans:
    do you think thursday’s results freed rational republicans from the obligation of toeing dubya’s radical line?

  4. wadE Avatar

    Did you catch the article about New England Republicans becoming a dying breed? Much along the same lines as the article in CNN you reference…

  5. alex Avatar

    From what I’ve heard, Chafee was defeated largely because of I think this (Bolton) issue in particular. Either that or it was Dubya in general. So his coming out and blocking the nomination was pretty much expected.

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