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so i\’ve been at the new j-o-b for nearly three whole days; it\’s time to stop pretending that i work all day long.

a few random observations from tuesday, and the associated fallout:

+ as my favorite network newscasters are now either retired (rather) or dead (jennings), i decided to go with MSNBC\’s election-night coverage, based solely on my adoration of keith olbermann. and, thankfully, he and chris matthews were running the show. for the most part, they played off of each other really well. my favorite exchange:

matthews: \”and, from north carolina, NBC is predicting that former NFL quarterback health schuler will be elected to the house of representatives.\”
olbermann: (not missing a beat) \”he actually completed something.\”

+ unlike the 2002 midterms, i actually voted this year. and, i must make a shameful admission: i voted for mike hatch not because i wanted him to win(i liked hutch), but because i *didn\’t* want pawlenty to win. which goes against nearly everything i care about, but ralph nader and the 2000 election taught me that sometimes one needs to be more pragmatic than idealistic. which, given the results, turned out to be a moo point, anyway.

+ i love bush: on wednesday, dubya said that he and rumsfeld decided \”earlier tuesday\” that it was time the SoD stepped down. like, well before any of the election returns started coming in. like it was a decision that was made independently of any of the results of tuesday. prick. anyway, a KFAN caller made a good point yesterday: if dubuya hadn\’t been his typical stubborn self and sent rummy packing two or three days before the election, would the repubs been trounced so? probably not.

+ lastly, kudos to comedy central for their typically fantastic election coverage. although my favorite quote came from last night\’s daily show, when jon stewart asked howard dean if, given the current political climate, had the democrats *not* overthrown the republicans on tueday, wouldn\’t that have been akin to a guy walking into a whorehouse with a fistful of twenty dollar bills and still not getting f*cked? maybe you had to be there.







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  1. Bounce Avatar

    Congrats on the new j-o-b. I’d have to agree with the KFAN caller; if they’d given Rummy the boot it might have made a big difference in a few of the closer races and most likely at least given them back the Senate. I guess it’s deserving that the Bush arrogance finally came back to bite them in the arse.


  2. wadE Avatar

    Considering the industry I work in (health care insurance) I couldn’t vote for Hatch (nor many of the DFL candidates this year)… and considering my liberal leanings, I couldn’t vote for many republicans.

    So I voted for who represented my thoughts on issues, and after research, time and time again it was the Independent candidate.

    I understand after 2000 the reasoning behind just voting for the less of two evils candidate, but until we all can get past that, we’re going to be stuck in a 2 party system, while there is plenty of room (literally and ideologically speaking) for 3.

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